A traveller was wandering along a deserted road when he spotted the most beautiful flower he had ever seen. He lent closer and inhaled the sweet scent, no other flower had ever filled him with such joy. He lingered for a moment not wanting the experience to end, when a thought occurred to him; maybe he could pick the flower and enjoy it forever. He would appreciate the flowers true beauty while other travellers would merely pass by barely noticing it. He even justified it by figuring the flower would rather be admired than stand lonely on a road. He carefully picked the flower and carried it gently all the way home, holding it to his nose periodically, the scent was almost addictive to him.
When he finally got home he immediately place the flower in a vase with some water, he admired and cared for it all through the day, even singing to it sometimes. After some time however the flower began to wither, the scent slowly faded, it’s vibrancy no longer so stunning. The man started to lament the fact that the very qualities that drew him to the flower were now fading, the sweetness he had become accustomed to could not be enjoyed forever. The man now saw the truth about what he’d done, in seeking to keep the flower for himself he had killed it. The convenience of having its sweetness on hand at any moment came at a cost; no longer could he, or anyone else enjoy its beauty.


Heavy Loads

People are often looking for external reasons why negative thoughts or feelings overcome them from time to time. Some blame Satan, others blame Xenu and the thetans but the reality is the source is internal and completely natural, any attempt to repress it will just make it stronger. How do I know this? My job is to deliver these emotions, you may think of me as a evil spirit or demon but I’m not bad, I just do a job that needs to be done.

I am a neuropeptide, I know that’s a mouthful but I’m basically a protein that your brain uses to communicate. The message may be joy, or sadness, but usually it’s just an itchy nose. On this particular day I had to deliver a load of particularly heavy emotions like hate and fear. I had always struggled with these heavy loads, they are hard to keep tied down and they often fall off. If I leave them though they will just stew and fester until they infect every part of the mind. That day as I was delivering a huge stinking load of loathing, I looked at the other peptides with envy, they had much lighter loads, maybe they could handle a bit of my load. I pretended some loathing was falling off and managed to tip some on top of a message to fart. This made my load much easier and I was soon looking for the next opportunity to offload. The fact that I had just tied up a thought of a fart with some loathing didn’t bother me at the time, but had that message been delivered the consequences could of been diabolical, or just confusing…

As I joyfully spread my loathing around I noticed the peptides now carrying my load struggling under the weight, they had noticed what I was doing and it had never occured to them we could offload our cargo. They all started piling their loads back onto me until I was overwhelmed by all my original loathing plus additional loads of mundane tasks. I couldn’t bare the weight and before long I collapsed and dropped the load creating a huge mess. I knew that I couldn’t deliver it all at once so I decide to deliver these packages individually like they were meant to be delivered.

As I returned from the first load I notice the pile was even bigger than when I left it, try as I might the pile got bigger every time I came back for a load, the thoughts were multiplying. The other peptides noticed what was going on but they just ignored it and worried about their own loads. Eventually one of them stopped and asked what happened, I told the story and we both agreed this mess was my own fault, but we also agreed that I couldn’t fix it on my own. I now had help delivering these loads and together we could take much more than we could individually, it was easy to carry large loads without any falling off. We had the pile sorted out in no time and by now all the other peptides realised they could share their loads. As we all worked together we delivered all the negative emotion we had to, and now it was party time, their was nothing but positivity to deliver. So our euphoric deliveries prompted our human to go out and get wasted, and thats how the great neuron massacre of ’97 happened.

The End